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Chemical Composition:Styrenated phenols 
Product Data:

 Item  Index
   Liquid  SP-C  SP-65
 Appearance  Light amber colored transparent  White powder  White powder
 content %  99.99  33.0  65.0
 Dioptre(n25d)  1.5990-1.6015  --  --
 viscosity,pa`s  3.0-5.0  --  --
 Density( p) g/cm3(20)  1.065-1.088  --  --
 Moisture%≤  1.5  0.8  3.0
 Ash , %,≤  0.05  --  --
 Additive  --  Caco3  silica


The outward appearance is the faint yellow thick liquid, the apprearance is smaller than Ghana you to compare all kinds step1, the density is 1.07-1.09, the flash point is bigger than 180℃, the boiling point is higher than 250℃. Dissolves in the ethyl alcohol, the acetone, the acetone, the fat hydrocarbon, the aromtic hydrocarbon, the dichloroethane and so on the organic solvent, does not dissolve in the water, easy to emulsify.


This is for butylbenzenc, chlorine ding, the second grade or third grade synthetic rubber and the natural rubbr stabilizer, has the line anti-aged function in the rubber and the emulsion product, can enhance the product the heat-resisting oxygen aging performance, non-toxic does not have the pollution, the amount used generally in 0.5-3.0 share. For gathers the thin hydrocarbon in the plastic industry, the metaformaldehyde antioxidant, the amount used id the 0.01-0.5 share generally.


by galvanized iron drum. Net weight: 200kg per drum. SP-C. S-65 . Package 25KG plastic woven bag, paper with plastic film bag.


The product should be stored in the dry and cooling place eith good ventilation. The product should avoid sunshine.

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